Equipping People ~ Changing Lives

Every child knows the love of Christ.

Every child has a bright and positive future.

Every child knows the love of a family.

 $30 A MONTH

  • will save a child's life,
  • will rescue him/her from abandonment, abuse, forced child labor, and an uncertain future 
  • will provide a home, food and a loving family..


  •  will provide an orphan, an abandoned child, an abused child or a victim of child labor with an education. 


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Urgent Projects



We have located an area outside of Kisusmu, Kenya to relocate Children of Hope. We have prayed and feel this is the best option for the children to grow up in a safe area and gives the kids room to thrive. The area is rural and has opportunity for expansion. 

Children of Hope is home to 28 wonderful loving children. Our children range in age from 5 years old to college age.  Each child has a story of severe loss, victimization, abandonment or abuse. No matter what their story is, each child is now loved and treasured.

We are building the children a new home. Be a part of the team that will build this new home for Children of Hope. Dates are flexible and we are able to accommodate any dates that work best for you and your team.

EPCL is in the process of planning to move from Nairobi, Kenya to Kisumu, Kenya. This move will be very positive for EPCL and for Children of Hope. 

  In Kisumu there are opportunities for crusades, discipleship training and other areas for EPCL to serve and show the love of Christ. 

What's Ahead in 2014


  • Providing a loving & caring Christian home for vulnerable children- Kenya
  • Rescuing children from child labor- Kenya
  • Rescuing abandoned children - Kenya
  • Rescuing orphans - Kenya

epcl in Action

  •  Faith outreach crusades and discipleship training - Kenya

1 John 3:16-18

We strive to show the love of Christ to those in need through our actions, words and genuine caring wherever God leads.


Lori uses her talents and gifts to bless the children in Children of Hope.

 Lori has been to Kenya twice with EPCL and each trip we see the love she has for the children and for God come alive.  Lori loves the children and working with them. The kids all love to learn Bible verses and compete to win prizes Lori has brought.  She is planning another trip in the near future.

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