Monica passed away a few months ago leaving behind her 4 children. 



​Equipping People 

                   Changing Lives

YOUwill help end the cycle of poverty through education.  

YOU will help feed a hungry child.  

YOU will help provide a safe, loving home for an orphan or other vulnerable child.  

YOU will help reach those in need of Christ. 





$1 a day: $30 a month sponsors an orphan living at Titus Grace. Your support helps provide a child with all their needs. 

our mission:

Equipping People ~ Changing Lives

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Together we can make a difference! 

Sharing the love of Christ through our actions, words and genuine caring wherever God leads. 1 John 3:16-18

More Stories

This in only 1 of many stories. Each story is much the same; one of loss, poverty and no resources, nowhere to turn. 

Monica and Her Children


Each orphan shares the same basic story; parents passed away far too soon, 

and no one able or willing to care for the children left behind. 

Such is the case with Monica's 3 boys. 

Her children are now in the care of EPCL and Pastor Silas and his wife. 13 orphans currently call pastor's 1 room mud house their home. The 13 orphans eat breakfast and lunch,provided by EPCL, at the school. The evening meal is whatever pastor and his wife are able to put together for their ever growing "family." We are truly thankful for Pastor Silas and his lovely wife for caring so completely for these 13 children.