​Equipping People 

                   Changing Lives

Together we can make a difference! 

Selah is the grandmother (Cucu) to Mercy. Mercy goes to school at Titus Grace. Selah has had Mercy since she was 1 month old when her mother, a drunkard, disappeared and has not returned. Selah is old now and cannot care for Mercy much longer. She in fact has asked that we give Mercy a home since she is afraid she will leave her alone and she won't have anywhere to go. 

Caroline is HIV+ and has been taking care of Victor since he was 1 1/2 years old. Both parents died leaving him behind with no one.  At times Caroline is not able to work in the fields due to being sick from the ARVs she is taking. When able, Caroline works long hard days pulling weeds in the sugar cane. 

Equipping People ~ Changing Lives

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Violet does casual work on the sugar cane plantations to be able to feed her children. She is HIV+ and works  hard but she often has to choose between paying school fees and buying food for the day.  

Sharing the love of Christ through our actions, words and genuine caring wherever God leads. 1 John 3:16-18

This is Susan with Kennedy and Michele. Susan took in both children after their parents died. There were 4 children but Susan could only take 2, the other 2 are with their grandfather. Susan has 10 children of her own, but she still took in these 2 children because they needed a home. This lady works in the fields everyday, is HIV + and is doing what she can every day. 

YOUwill help end the cycle of poverty through education.  

YOU will help feed a hungry child.  

YOU will help provide a safe, loving home for an orphan or other vulnerable child.  

YOU will help reach those in need of Christ. 





our mission:

Leonida is raising Marvin alone since her husband died when Marvin was young. Leonida is HIV+ and has done the best she can. She is older now and cannot work like she used to any longer. She cuts down tree branches and burns them to make charcoal to sell. Marvin has not been to school in a few weeks due to not having money for school fees.