Caroline and John

Johns mother ran away after his father died from Aids. John was 2 months old when his mother disappeared. Caroline has been caring for John ever since. Caroline does the best she can to support herself and John by growing corn (maize). However, without fertilizer, her garden does not do well. Caroline also volunteers daily at Titus Grace to help the children anyway she can. Even though she is not able to work any longer in the fields, she is contributing at the school and at Titus Grace Church. John is in Class 1 (first grade) and is doing well. 

Grandmother (Cucu), Owitti and Sandra

This Cucu is caring for 2 children in her later years. Owitti's mom is very sick and cannot take care of him. Sandra's mother died when Sandra was very young and her father cannot take care of her at all. Cucu is old and cannot work any longer the long days in the fields. She too grows corn (maize) and it too does not do well. Both children attend school at Titus Grace.  


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These are only 2 of the many stories. Each story is much the same; one of loss, poverty and no resources, nowhere to turn. 

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Caroline and John

Grandmother (Cucu) with Owitti and Sandra