Sharing the love of Christ through our actions, words and genuine caring wherever God leads. 1 John 3:16-18

our mission:

​Equipping People 

                   Changing Lives

YOUwill help end the cycle of poverty through education.  

YOU will help feed a hungry child.  

YOU will help provide a safe, loving home for an orphan or other vulnerable child.  

YOU will help reach those in need of Christ. 





Equipping People ~ Changing Lives

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I can honestly say there is nowhere on earth like Kenya! The people, the land,the culture, the animals are all beyond comparison. We love to share Kenya and help others get to know the Kenyan culture and fall in love with it the way we have. 

When you volunteer in Kenya with EPCL, you will be ministering to children who have been orphaned, and/or living in such poverty that it will break your heart. You will be building or working on their school, teaching in the school or VBS, You might be cooking for and feeding the hungry kids, ministering to their families/ caretakers: buying, putting together and delivering orphan support food to families/widows. You may be teaching in church or an open air crusade, teaching discipleship training, praying for people, and sharing what God has brought you through. At times we don't know what God will have us do on a day to day basis. We have plans for the day but many times God will redirect our steps that day and what happens is so much better than what we had planned. Flexible, it is all about being flexible and open to what God has planned. 

Blessings is what we think we are taking on the mission field. Time and again, day after day, it is us, the mission team, that ends up being blessed by those we are serving. 

Serving in Kenya opens up God's world to you in a wonderful way. You will experience God's creations in wonderful ways on safari, you will experience love shown to you by people groups several hundreds of years old, you will experience new ways of doing things, new foods, new ways to cook and experience so much more.  


Together we can make a difference!